PMP Exam Coaching

PMP Exam Preparation Methodology

I made the experience of what it takes to prepare yourself for the PMP exam to get an above-target result:

  • A well-structured organization of the content is the key, which includes
    • Understand the key models
    • Understand what each process is about and why it is important
    • Understand the links between processes
    • Understand the flow of deliverables and work performance data
    • Converge your understanding of the ITTO connections
    • Develop a holistic approach to the PMP model

PMP Exam Preparation Material Download 

The basis to pass the exam is a well-organized preparation material. This is provided in the table below.

I recommend you the full PMP exam prep material package for only USD 69.99 instead of USD 111.98 for all individual packages.

Title Description Free sample reading Full download Price in USD
PMP Key concepts 10 slides presentation PMP-KeyConcepts_sample PMP Key Concepts 9.99
PMP Agile Principles 10 slides presentation
on how agile principles apply to each knowledge area
PMP Agile Principles
PMP Flow maps
15 slides showing the flow of outputs through the different processes from different knowledge areas
PMP-Flowmaps_sample PMP Flow maps 4.99
PMP Fundamentals 15 slides showing fundamental facts about the first three PMBOK chapters PMP-Fundamentals_sample PMP Fundamentals 14.99
PMP Formulae 1-page summary of the formulae needed for the exam   PMP Formulae 1.99
PMP Notes 30 pages with background information triggered from Q&A I answers wrong in my preparation phase PMP-Notes (triggered by questions answered wrong)_sample PMP Notes 19.99
PMP Outputs 76 slides of all outputs generated by the different processes PMP-Outputs_sample PMP Outputs 9.99
PMP Processes 49 slides with the most important facts about all the different processes PMP-Processes_sample PMP Processes 14.99
PMP Tailoring 10 slides on what is to be considered for tailoring each knowledge area PMP-Tailoring_sample PMP Tailoring 4.99
PMP Tools & Techniques 143 slides with the most important facts about all the tools & techniques used by the different processes PMP-Tools_sample PMP Tools 19.99
PMP Trends 10 slides on what are the trends in each knowledge area

PMP-Trends_sample PMP Trends 4.99

PMP Exam Coaching Courses

As I concluded the exam with the top result in roughly half the time available for the exam, I offer assistance to PMP candidates. This includes

Languages English
PMBOK Alignment Version 6 from 2018
Preparation material >300 pdf slides in English that give you the basis to pass the exam
Coaching methods Video coaching in group or private from wherever you are
Personal coaching in Zürich, Switzerland
Prices 50 USD per 5 hours and person in group courses*
300 USD per 5 hours for individual courses

* group size: 5-6 persons

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