(#10) This is what agile NOT is

After having praised so much the advantages of agile in my last posts, I want to highlight what means not being agile:

Thinking to work in an agile process but not producing results in short cycles!

Here is a quote pointing that out. It is an excerpt from the article linked in my last post (The Winter Getaway That Turned the Software World Upside Down):

Jeff Sutherland [a cocreator of Scrum and the CEO of Scrum, Inc.] is frustrated by misreadings of the Agile Manifesto. He says he sees teams in Silicon Valley that claim to be Agile, but are “not delivering working product at the end of a short iteration.”

“This kind of thing that most people are doing that they can’t get anything working in any reasonable time—that they claim is Agile because anybody can do whatever they want—is not consistent with the Agile Manifesto,” he points out.

In other words:

You can claim to be agile ONLY if you produce results in SHORT iterations!


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